Research into Memories and Photographs

I decided to do some research into the relationship between photos and memory on the internet.

I found lots of interesting articles, such as This, which says the following –

The photograph doesn’t remind me of the event, it doesn’t merely elicit a memory. 
The photograph IS the memory.” 

Which i find to be a good point in what i’m trying to do with my film. Photographs aren’t just windows into a memory, they become the memory themselves. 

I also like this article, about the same sort of thing –

They memorialize a moment in time that will never happen again, but serve as a reminder of the exact feelings and emotions felt when the shutter went off.” 

Pictures don’t make us, but they remind us of who we are, where we came from and where we’re going to be.”

I also found this article & this article about how memories can be changed with photographs, which is another area i was interested in exploring. 

I also looked up John Berger, who had been mentioned in previous lectures. This was very helpful for me too. 


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